What are your rates?

$140 for a one hour session.


Where do you see clients?

I am based in Guelph, ON. However, currently all sessions are done online via skype or zoom.


How can Therapy Help?

  • It can allow you to explore sensitive aspects of yourself in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
  • It can give you the opportunity to make choices you might not have otherwise had the insight or courage to make.
  • It can enable you to understand conflicting parts of yourself and how to integrate these into you life to live more authentically.
  • It can help you to utilize and value your creativity and imagination.
  • It can help you find new ways to express your uniqueness and live a life that reflects who you truly find yourself to be.
  • It can be part of your spiritual journey and part of the process of finding your true self

What can I expect in the first session?

In the first session we will start to get to know each other. You will have a chance to explain what is bringing you to therapy and I’ll ask about your childhood, your family and relationship background. It will be a chance for you to decide if you feel comfortable with me and want to continue working together.

A few moments will be spent on “housekeeping” issues such as:

  • confidentiality
  • scheduling
  • payment amount
  • payment method
  • cancellation policy

It is import to discuss these formalities at the beginning so that we can proceed with clearly defined boundaries.


How often do I come to therapy?

Typically people do weekly one-hour sessions. However, sometimes twice a week or once every other week works best.


How long will I have to be in therapy?

This really depends on how long you want to be in therapy. Some people start to feel that they have resolved their issues after a few months and decide to stop. For others, once they start the process they learn more and more about themselves and want to stay in therapy for many years.