What are your rates?

$90 for a one hour session.


Where do you see clients?

The Inner Arts Collective, 257 Danforth Avenue


How can Therapy Help?

  • It can allow us to explore sensitive aspects of ourselves in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
  • It can give us the opportunity to make choices we might not have otherwise had the insight or courage to make.
  • It can enable us to understand how we sometimes conflicting parts of ourselves and how to integrate disparate aspects of our psyches. When we do this we are able to live more authentic and satisfying lives.
  • It can help us to utilize and value our creativity and imagination
  • It can help you find new ways to express your uniqueness and live a life that reflects who you truly find yourself to be.
  • It can be part of your spiritual journey and part of the process of finding your true self


What can I expect in the first session?

In the first session we will start to get to know each other. You will have a chance to explain what is bringing you to therapy and I’ll ask about your childhood, your family and relationship background. It will be a chance for you to decide if you feel comfortable with me and want to continue working together.

A few moments will be spent on “housekeeping” issues such as:

  • confidentiality
  • scheduling
  • payment amount
  • payment method
  • cancellation policy

It is import to discuss these formalities at the beginning so that we can proceed with clearly defined boundaries.


How often do I come to therapy?

Typically people do weekly one-hour sessions. However, sometimes twice a week or once every other week works best.


How long will I have to be in therapy?

This really depends on how long you want to be in therapy. Some people start to feel that they have resolved their issues after a few months and decide to stop. For others, once they start the process they learn more and more about themselves and want to stay in therapy for many years.